Why the Cost of an LDA is Worth It

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    People often take pride in self-sufficiency. And why not? There’s a certain freedom and confidence that comes from being able to handle your own affairs without help, even if you make a mistake or two. However, some mistakes cost more than do-it-yourself pride is worth – like mistakes in your legal documents. In these situations, there’s absolutely no shame in asking for help from a professional.

    Better Product than DIY

     DIY warriors may relish the thought of avoiding expensive legal professionals and tackling their legal paperwork themselves. With fast, one-size-fits-all legal document services online for a nominal fee, it’s easy to skip the professionals, right? Unfortunately for the DIY document lovers, legal paperwork is almost never one-size-fits-all. In fact, avoiding extra cost by going with those online document services can lead to some expensive corrections and refiling later on – corrections that wouldn’t be necessary if an LDA prepared the documents. County and state requirements vary. Utilizing document templates from a website that doesn’t account for location could be a recipe for a lengthy legal filing process. Going to a local legal document assistant will ensure your documents are always filed correctly the first time.

     An LDA is Less Than the Cost of an Attorney

    Going with a professional for your legal filings doesn’t have to mean spending a small fortune on an attorney, either. If all you need is a simple, straightforward legal document like a will or a correctly filed uncontested divorce, a legal document assistant (LDA) can provide service that’s every bit as comprehensive as an attorney for significantly less cost. While LDAs aren’t attorneys and can’t offer legal advice, they can easily help you prepare your legal documents and even file them for you! No pricey hourly rates. Just one flat fee from start to finish.