Three Intellectual Property Concepts Every Business Owner Should Understand

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    You have the product, the business name, and all the paperwork filed. Congratulations, you’re officially a business owner. While you can begin doing business, you may want to research how you can protect your company from frauds. Some may want to open lookalike businesses or sell similar products. So, it’s important to know your rights surrounding the intellectual property of your business.


    Patents are a type of intellectual property that protects inventions, designs, or other unique products. If your business is the first to sell a specific product, this intellectual property type could prevent others from claiming you copied them and protect your rights if another company tries to sell the same product. Unfortunately, applying for a patent is a long and expensive process, so it may not always be practical for small businesses. Luckily, there are other, less expensive ways to protect your business intellectual property. If you are hoping to obtain a patent, however, apply for one with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


    Trademarks protect business branding like logos, slogans, packaging, or other information that specifically identify your business. Like copyrights, trademarks are assumed to exist as soon as a business publicly uses them but registering a trademark can provide extra protection. Unregistered trademarks protect branding regionally. Meanwhile, registered trademarks are protected all over the country. If you intend to expand your business, a registered trademark may be the most effective way to claim intellectual property to protect your brand.

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    As a business owner, you have plenty of paperwork to file. Ensuring you protect your company’s intellectual property is an important step toward building the longevity of your business. When business startup paperwork gets confusing and frustrating, the legal document assistants at ProSe Legal can help. Our team of experienced LDAs can assist you in organizing, completing, and filing all your business documents correctly the first time.

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