Why Do I Need a Legal Document Assistant (LDA)?

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    With many transitions come mounds of legal paperwork that must be filed with a government agency or the court. Unfortunately, these documents are full of complicated jargon and confusing requests that leave individuals guessing on some of the most important paperwork of their lives. There are more options out there for assistance! Find out why an LDA can actually help make your filings cheaper and less time-consuming below.

    Why DIY Online Services Are More Trouble Than an LDA

    Every year millions turn to online document services when they aren’t sure which document to complete or how to file. Despite the famously low prices, though, these services can truly cost more in the long run. The most popular online services are national brands that dole out one-size-fits-all documents to people from Maine to Hawaii. The problem is legal document requirements vary by state, county, and even city. So, a person starting a business in California likely won’t use the same documents as a business owner in Virginia. The bottom line? If you file a one-size document from an online service, chances are you’ll need to re-file a completely different document anyway. Talk about a waste of time, sanity, and money!

    Simplicity and knowledgeability are why you should turn to an LDA from the start. An LDA at ProSe Legal can help you determine which documents you need based on your local requirements, help you complete the paperwork, and even file it on your behalf.

    Attorneys Aren’t Always What They’re Cracked Up to Be

    Before you pick up the phone to call your lawyer for help with a simple, uncontested matter, you may want to consider the costs. While you certainly will receive knowledgeable guidance from your attorney, if you have a straightforward filing like a will or trust, you could be overpaying for it! Personalized, experienced legal document help doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg at your local law firm. An LDA from ProSe Legal can lead you through the why and how of completing and filing your documents in no time for less than the cost of a lawyer!