How to Transfer a Mobile Home Title in California

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    A mobile home transfer title is a document that transfers ownership of a mobile home from one person to another. Although this sounds straightforward, it can become complicated depending on the location of the mobile home. Some state laws will dictate how owners should treat the mobile home, leading to frustration and confusion. With the right help though, your transfer can be simplified.

    Where and How to Start the Mobile Home Transfer Process

    As stated, depending on the state, the office that is responsible for title transfers can vary. Depending on if the state classifies your mobile home as real property or a vehicle, you may need to visit the Department of Housing or the Department of Motor Vehicles, respectively. If your mobile home is in California, the Department of Housing and Community Development manages your transfer. You should make sure you have some important documents handy.

    Some of documents you will need include:

    • Tax Certificate
    • Title Application
    • Bill of Sale
    • Lien Release
    • Warranty Deed

    State law determines which documents you need for the transfer. So, it is important to familiarize yourself with the required documents in your area. For California, you may need a Multi-Purpose Transfer Certificate, Original Titles, or a Certification of Retail Value and Purchase Price.

    Important Steps Before You Transfer

    Before the transfer process is complete, both seller and buyer must sign all documents. You may also want to make copies of all the documents for your records. This will help prevent any misplaced documents that may prolong the transfer process. Once all documents are signed and copied, it is time to file the relevant documents and make the transfer official.