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We at ProSe Legal value education above all else for our clients. When you request one of our services, our team of experienced legal document assistants (LDAs) will walk you through every step of the process, ensuring you know exactly what you’re signing and why. But our commitment to education goes beyond our clientele. We want to arm everyone in our local communities with the knowledge they need to navigate legal paperwork and other hot-button issues quickly and easily. That’s why ProSe Legal is proud to host our series of expert webinars, completely free of charge.

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    What Can I Expect to Learn?

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    Each webinar is completely free and unique. Our team selects frequently asked questions and important current topics to discuss with our specialized panels of experts, so every ProSe webinar addresses those burning questions you have right when you have them. Some of our topics include:

    • Business documents 
    • Estate planning 
    • Housing assistance 
    • Wage claims
    • Documents for elders
    • And more!

    When possible, we will also offer our webinars in languages like Spanish and Arabic. 

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