Why You Need a Legal Document Assistant

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    Legal document assistants (LDAs) are professionals who help clients prepare legal paperwork for filing with the court or government agency. LDAs are not attorneys and, therefore, may not offer legal advice. They are more like independent document specialists that are not affiliated with a law firm.

    What Can LDAs Do to Help?

    Wise Geek summarizes the role of LDAs as, “[doing] for individuals what paralegals do for lawyers.” LDAs help and support with legal paperwork, which is notorious for being complicated and confusing. Attorneys may be quite expensive, especially for commonplace needs like estate planning or business creation. LDAs can provide the needed guidance in these matters without the pricey bill. Though LDAs provide help, they cannot represent the client. The clients still must represent themselves in court. With assistance from an LDA, however, the client will have all their filings in order for their court date.

    What Services Do LDAs Offer?

    LDAs prove particularly useful in matters like uncontested divorce, property transfers, and estate planning. Most times the clients already know how they would like to proceed but are struggling to make heads or tails of their paperwork. If the paperwork is filed incorrectly, it can lead to significant delays in the filing process, so it pays to have a professional on your side. Because LDAs cannot advise you on legal matters as a lawyer might, clients who are unsure how to proceed should seek out an attorney.