Why is it Important to Notarize Legal Documents?

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    Once you’ve filled out all those fields on your legal documents – front and back! – it’s time to sign your X on the line, right? Not quite. For many legal documents, especially court filings, you’ll need to notarize it at the same time as signing. It may seem like a small and unimportant step, but this is crucial for ensuring the court or government accepts your paperwork.

    What Do I Need to Bring to My Notary Appointment?

    Notary appointments are fast and simple. Before you notarize any legal documents, make sure you have completed the document entirely except for the signing and dating portion. Generally, notaries are simply there to verify your signature, not help with completion. Without a fully completed document, many notaries will ask you to return once you’ve finished. You will also need photo identification with your name and birthdate. A driver’s license or passport works well for this use. Notaries also charge a small fee before they notarize your legal documents. Come prepared to pay with cash or card.

    Convenient Notary Services in the Inland Empire

    Notaries serve a simple yet important function to protect the rights of individuals signing legally binding paperwork. Though anyone can become licensed as a notary, it can be faster and easier to enlist help completing and notarizing your document from a professional. ProSe Legal’s legal document assistants are licensed notaries in the State of California. They can both help you complete and notarize all your legal documents for far less than a lawyer.

    If you need help finishing and notarizing your legal paperwork, today or call (909) 497-1349 to schedule your appointment!