What is a Marital Settlement Agreement?

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    When you’re undergoing a divorce, the most ideal outcome would be if you and your ex reached an agreement quickly. Although that may not always happen, the purpose of divorce proceedings is to help the pair agree on how they will split assets and make important decisions. Every couple — whether in a contested or uncontested divorce – will eventually complete a marital settlement agreement. Understanding what the marital settlement agreement is and how it can help you moving forward can offer you more peace of mind.

    What Does a Marital Settlement Agreement Do?

    A marital settlement agreement (also called a “separation agreement” or “divorce agreement”) is, essentially, a contract that ties up the loose ends of a divorce. Everyone in the divorce must agree to the terms and sign for the agreement to be binding. This document may outline how the following things are handled:

    • Child custody
    • Child visitation
    • Division of property and assets
    • Spousal support
    • And more!

    Though not every agreement will cover these matters, the most important outcome is that everyone abides by the agreement.

    When Do I Sign a Marital Settlement Agreement?

    Ex-spouses sign an agreement at the very end of their divorce. Once the court hearings are finalized, the judge has made decisions, and the couple agrees to the terms, they may proceed to drafting an agreement. Your divorce lawyer will likely want to review the document.

    Divorce Document Assistance in the Inland Empire

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