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    Legal document assistants, commonly referred to as LDAs, are professionals who assist with preparation of legal documents at their client’s direction. LDA benefits often perform best with clients who are typically those with a “DIY” attitude. Depending on the LDA or business, their services can vary from family law, deeds, wills & trusts, or other services. LDAs are not attorneys; they are independent document preparers. LDAs are not legally able to provide any legal advice. In such cases they will refer you to an attorney.

    How Can an LDA Benefit Me?

    There are plenty of LDA benefits that can help with a wide array of legal documents. They are a great alternative to save money compared to expensive attorney rates. The roles and tasks an LDA can perform are set by the state(s) they operate in. Also, every state having their own rules on what can/cannot be performed ensures LDAs are performing the appropriate tasks. However, most clients only require minimal assistance with documents and filings which is where LDAs shine. Compared to an attorney offering the same service, LDAs are often more cost effective. If the client knows which documents they need to file, an LDA can be a monumental time saver.

    LDA Benefits Are Endless!

    With the emergence of internet, the ability to electronically file documents grows by the minute. In most cases however, the chance of the court rejecting the documents due to errors are high. The internet has indeed made legal documents easier to file for few to no fees, but the strict county court formatting requirements remain. Even though it may seem easier to file it yourself online, LDAs have the training to ensure your documents abide by your local filing requirements. They know the ins and outs of the legal documents and will avoid any delays due to errors. Not only will an LDA save you time, but they will also save you money from re-filing fees. It is important to remember that LDAs only complete or file documents at the client’s direction. LDAs are an essential resource for a client who knows exactly what they need.