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    A notary public functions as a state official whose role is to deter fraud related to signing legal documents. Their most common and official function is performing notarizations during which they witness members of the public signing legal documents. Notaries also act under written rules that say exactly what they can and cannot do. These rules include what they look for when notarizing paperwork.

    What Does a Notary Public Do?

    A notary’s main function, according to the National Notary Association, is to screen signers of important documents for their identity. A notary public also performs an oath or affirmation during which their clients swear they are who they say they are. The client also has the authority to sign the documents in hand. Most of the time, a notary public verifies the signer’s identity, witnesses their signature, and stamps their approval onto the document. Although many places require certified copies of documents from the court or government agency they filed with, some states will allow their notaries to perform a copy certification. In these situations, a client makes a photocopy of an original document under the supervision of a notary. The notary then signs and seals the document, certifying its authenticity.

    When is a Notary Public Necessary?

    There are many documents that will need a notarized signature from government applications to court affidavits and orders. Most people turn to notaries during the transfer of property or closure on a home purchase. In short, if your document has major legal implications for you, it’s likely you’ll need a notary. Functions of a notary public are also a fantastic way to save money. Rather than going to an expensive attorney’s office, an LDA who is also a notary can be much cheaper.

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