Are LDAs Cheaper Than Hiring Attorneys?

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    Legal Document Assistants (LDAs) are a great alternative to attorney services when your legal needs are straightforward. LDA services shine when you have legal documents that you need to complete, but do not need the legal advice of an attorney. However, there is a common misconception that just because you need legal help you should always turn to an attorney. In fact, an LDA can offer more than just being cost effective. Attorneys provide direction and advice for clients who don’t know what to do in a legal scenario. However, their expensive hourly rates can make legal help seem out of reach for many would-be clients who still need help with more routine legal needs. This makes LDA services a great choice when you know exactly what you want but need a professional eye to guide you.

    What Kind of LDA Services Can I Take Advantage Of?

    LDAs can provide a wide array of different services in areas like family law, wills & trusts, and more. It is important to note that LDAs only move at the client’s direction. An LDA cannot provide or give any sort of legal advice. Unlike online DIY solutions that run the risk of inaccurate filing, LDAs will guide you through any legal paperwork to ensure everything is done correctly. LDAs can even file paperwork for uncontested divorces, wills, and other types of documents on your behalf so you don’t have to. Again, it is important that the client knows exactly what goal they want to achieve as LDA services cannot legally provide any advice. Once an LDA knows what a client’s goal is, they can help ensure you file the correct documents.

    Are LDA Services Worth it When Compared to Attorneys?

    Yes! LDA services can be a much more cost-effective solution in comparison to attorneys. On average, attorney fees typically range from $225 an hour for their services. For more complex filings like wills or trusts, that could amount to thousands! Meanwhile, ProSe Legal Service LDA services are an affordable, flat rate depending on the service, regardless of how long it takes to file.

    Are LDA Services Right for Me?

    LDA services are best suited for clients who give clear direction on how they would like to proceed. LDAs can assist with identifying the appropriate documents for your goals. If you are unsure what your goals should be, an LDA can refer you to an attorney. If you need routine paperwork help, then LDA services are the best choice for you. If you are looking at a more complex matter, then the best choice may be to consult with an attorney.