A Step-by-Step Guide

to Joining ProSe Legal’s Webinar

We’re excited you’re joining our upcoming webinar. This event will be hosted through Zoom, a web-conferencing platform. If you’ve never used Zoom before, don’t worry. Around the webinar start time, follow the below instructions to join us.

1 Join with link…

If the above link works with your computer, skip down to Step 3. If it’s giving you trouble, simply follow the instructions in Step 2.

2 …or join by ID

Go to the Zoom website.

In the top right corner, click JOIN A MEETING.

Join a Meeting Link on Zoom Website

The ID for our webinar is:

889 0034 3816

The Passcode is:


Enter the ID into this page, then click JOIN.

Zoom Meeting ID input field

3 Launch meeting in your browser

If you don’t have Zoom downloaded, the program will prompt you to download it. You do not need to download Zoom to join our webinar. 


Zoom Meeting Launch Meeting in Browser Dialog

Include your name on the next page, then click JOIN.

4 Stuck in a waiting room?

If you join a little early, you might end up in something that looks like one of the below pages. This just means you joined before the host. Hang tight before our webinar begins. Once it does, you will automatically be brought into the webinar.

Zoom Waiting for Host to Start Meeting Dialog
Zoom Waiting for Host to Start Meeting Dialog

5 During the webinar

Although you’ll be muted during the seminar, controls for your AUDIO and VIDEO are located at the bottom left of the screen. Remember that there will be a Q&A following the webinar, so keep note of any questions for the end!

Zoom Meeting Audio Video Controls

When the webinar is over, you can click LEAVE MEETING to exit.

Zoom Meeting Leave Meeting button

   Still Having Issues?

If for some reason you leave early or by accident, remember that you can always return by following these instructions from the beginning.

We hope this guide helps you smoothly join our Do You Have Your Estate Plan in Order webinar, and we are excited you’ve chosen to join us as you plan the brightest future for you and your loved ones!